1. Automotive :

BLDC motors are taking over in the car industry because of their high efficiency compared to traditional DC motors. Energy efficiency is the name of the game for the next EV revolution.

Most low power LED. This technology is now the de facto standard for lighting applications. Car Headlights would however require multilayered PCB for proper routing and EMC.

Comfort : Air quality sensors, Climate Control ECUs, HVAC blower regulators, Microphones, GPS antennas, Rain sensors, Park assist sensors, Alarm systems.

HVAC Blower Regulator – Section View

2. Power electronics :

Motor VFD, Motor Soft-Starters, Solar MPPT, Inverters, SMPS, street LED lighting.

Except VFDs and Soft starters, the rest of the listed applications are on high demand because of climate contraints that require even more energy efficiency and call for the use of renewable energy generation methods like solar.

1. Automotive :

Qi charge controllers, LCD cockpit drivers, USB adapters, Lane keep assist, ACC, Rear camera park assist, Steering assist controllers, Infotainement and critical Powertrain control.

Most of the applications listed here require 4 layered PCB or more. When size and feature density require it, the PCB may be made out of a laminate that’s up to 12 layers thick and sometimes use a technology called HDI for High-Density-Interconnect PCB manufacturing.

12 layer PCB
12 layer PCB – Rear Camera Park Assist

2. Consumer electronics :

Consumer drone controllers, laptop motherboards, SSD, Cameras, IoT.

These applications are located on the very high end of the PCB manufacturing spectrum. Some of their caracteristics include : high component and layer count, ultra fine pitch traces, sub-millimeter VIA, Blind VIA, burried capacitors and EMI shielding.

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